Have you had enough of feeling bad about your birth or perinatal experience?


And whether it happened 6 months ago of 6 years ago do you find yourself wondering when you will begin to feel better about what happened.


Do you continue to be plagued by heavy symptoms and feelings that seep in to other areas of your life impacting on your ability to enjoy your life?


Perhaps to others, or even to yourself, you play down and minimise your feelings about what happened but really you long to reclaim the peace of mind that you once had before it occurred.


Are you ready to acknowledge the pain and dysfunction it is causing in your life?

Understanding the neurology of a difficult or traumatic event is the first step to acknowledging that what you are experiencing is a completely normal function of a traumatised brain, however awful that feels. It is also the first step towards healing yourself. You can learn more about that here.


For the past 5 years I have worked with hundreds of parents to lift the symptoms that can remain after a difficult or traumatic birth or perinatal experience.


The 3 Step Rewind technique that I use has been so successful that I have taught the process to over 160 birth professionals and it is practiced by perinatal mental midwives in 6 UK NHS hospital trusts. You can find a full directory of those who have taken the training here.

If you feel ready to start working on healing your experience but are unable to get to a practitioner, listed here, you maybe interested in some of the resources below.


Everyone participating with the online resources is invited to a closed Facebook group where group support, inspiration and answers to questions can be found.

  • Step 1

  • £29.99/mo
    • Begin your healing journey here.

  • Step 2 & 3

  • £129.99/mo
    • If you found Step 1 helpful and feel ready to go further then click here for Step 2&3.
    • Step 1 must have been purchased and competed first.

  • Step 1, 2 & 3

  • £139.99/mo
    • Save £20.00 and get all 3 Steps here.

Other resources:

Preparing for a better birth next time.




Coming soon

Requesting a debrief from your hospital – what you need to know.




Coming soon

Making a complaint and affecting change.




Coming soon

What’s covered at each step:

Step 1

  • Breaking down your story to understand why you feel the way you do.
  • Scale the intensity of the memory of what happened.
  • Gain acknowledgment and validation from the closed online community about what happened.
  • Understand how what happened then continues to impact on your day to day life now. In what ways does it continue to show up in your relationships, in your behaviour and in the way you feel about yourself?
  • Use your imagination to consider what it would be like without those feelings, ways of responding, and being. If you could choose how to feel, what would you choose?
  • Practice using relaxation as a way of lowering anxiety and stress levels.

Step 2

  • Practice relaxation further to be build confidence in it as a ever available skill that can be used whenever you need.
  • Use the Rewind audio to lift the heavy feelings associated with the memory of your birth or perinatal event.
  • Use the goal state audio to bed in and rapidly learn the new feelings, ways of responding and being that you would like to experience now the space and freedom has been created with the Rewind exercise.


Step 3

  • Re-scale the memory of what happened again.
  • Feedback to the closed group your success.
  • Continue to use the relaxation audios to maintain new feelings of calm and confidence.

These resources can help anyone who feels ready to work on how they feel about what happened.

It is not suitable for those who are still going through a difficult or traumatic situation.

It is not suitable for anyone with a pre existing history of psychosis or for anyone currently experiencing psychosis.

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Birth Trauma Groups for Parents

Currently available in Hounslow, West London, only. Every Friday 8pm - 10pm for a set of 3 sessions to heal your birth or perinatal experience. A small group of 4 people only led by Alex Heath. These sessions are only £5 per session but booking is essential.

Click here to book on the next available place